The Birth of Gwella

Why we're here today.

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About Gwella

Gwella was created by three siblings. One sibling was unable to locate Healers when she moved to a new city.  She spoke with her brother who is a developer and sister who is a therapist and said, why isn't there an app for this? And so the Gwella journey began.

Then it happened. One sister (an Aries projector and the idea person behind Gwella) introduced her paternal half-brother (a Libra who won't disclose his birth time)  to her maternal half-sister (an Aries generator and Healer behind Gwella) all from separate family units.  Once Ali and Chris were connected they took it from there.

The name Gwella is a Welsh word meaning to improve or get better. Even though the three siblings have three different sets of parents they all have Welsh heritage. Gwella was and continues to be built upon four guiding pillars, community, inclusivity, accessibility and equity. The intention for Gwella is for people to be able to easily find and access healers and practitioners across multiple healing modalities to awaken and strengthen the healer within.

"Gwella was and continues to be built upon four guiding pillars; community, inclusivity, accessibility, and equity."