She Belonged 

By Aniliyah Richardson

She is under the influence. Never due to the severe beliefs of inhaling thickened clouds, nor drowning the sorrows onto an empty bottle. But from within the atmosphere. Constantly having to go back and forth with indecisiveness can trigger elite force onto the mind of disbeliefs. We must continue for the sake of another. If not for the other guiding the light, than the one it shines upon when left alone in the dark. The stars give a her the insights while the sun is her gifts to forever. What lies on beyond the night sky remains in the heaviest of hearts. It leaps off into the days counted in her favor. Folding the palms her knees collide into mother’s greenery. She looks up and repeats I mean, I will I can, I must, for the sake if not just me, but for ones like me. Before me, after me, and during the outer core of space’s gravity, floating on the opposite direction lead to me, beneath me, to seek within of what’s left of she. 



Aspiring artist Aniliyah Richardson, is known for creating bodies of creative nonfiction, poetry, and short stories dedicated to the female formality while building an unapologetic point of view for complexed stories. Speaking with experience cautiously being the face of her own truths to show the world of strong communities that we as once shall never be silenced again. These stories are for the broken and beyond measures proven what one sacred mind can possess. Living the truth of Her own path in order to remain free.